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Safeguarding your Cyberspace

EVABS Writeups: Debug Me

Level 1: Debug Me Like the challenge name “Debug Me” suggest , we get a vague idea that this challenge has something to do with debugging. Now let’s see what debugging is? Debugging is basically the process of identifying and removing errors from a computer or a program or a software. When it comes to…
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EVABS: Initial Setup

EVABS (Extremely Vulnerable Android Labs) open source Android application that is intentionally vulnerable so as to act as a learning platform for Android application security beginners. The effort is to introduce beginners with very limited or zero knowledge to some of the major and commonly found real-world based Android application vulnerabilities in a story-based, interactive…
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Adhrit: Android APK Reversing and Analysis Toolkit

For the past one year, Android-based developments and applications have flooded international markets. Every other application is available on a lot of third-party sites. How do we infer if we are using a legitimate, uninfected copy of the application. ADHRIT is an open source tool that can do this task. Basically a malware analysis tool,…
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